Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Selamat Datang...

Ini merupakan langkah pertama saya dalam memperkenalkan Biscotti kepada anda. Di sini saya sertakan sedikit latar belakang tentang biscotti untuk pengetahuan anda.
"Biscotti (plural of Italian biscotto, roughly meaning "twice baked"; also the translation of biscuit), in Italy, refers to any type of cookie. However, in North America, "biscotti" refers to crisp cookies often containing nuts or flavored with anise. Traditionally, biscotti are made by baking cookie dough in two long slabs, cutting these into slices, and reheating them to dry them out. A basic recipe is a mix two parts flour with one part sugar with enough eggs to create a stiff batter. To the mixture baking powder and flavorings such as anise, chocolate, or nuts are added. The slabs are baked once for about twenty-five minutes. They are then cut up into individual cookies and baked again for a shorter period. The longer this second baking is, the harder the cookies will be. Originally the cookies were twice-baked so they could be stored for long periods of time; because of this storage potential, they historically have been used widely by explorers and soldiers." Dipetik dari Wikipedia.org

Saya menjalankan perniagaan ini setelah mendapat sokongan dari suami dan keluarga. Saya menjalankan perniagaan biscotti dari rumah dan sebulan sekali saya akan berada di Marketplace @ Bangsar Shopping Center. Anda boleh mendapatkan biscotti saya di sana atau pun email saya di misshoney74@gmail.com untuk tempahan.

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