Monday, 5 January 2009

Perisa Terbaru di Bisquisito

Mocha Hazelnut
Rich coffee and chocolate flavour with roasted hazelnuts.
Best with: Brewed coffee or tea, hot milk.
Cappuccino Almond
Strong flavor of coffee with roasted hazelnuts bring extract aroma to your coffee.
Best with: brewed coffee, hot milk.

Macadamia and cranberry
This is among the latest flavor I tried and I get good feedback from my family.
Best with: Brewed tea or coffee, ice lemon tea.

Macadamia and strawberry
My personal favorite and ultimate luxury. Lusciously creamy macadamia nuts and sweet strawberry is a match made in heaven!
Best with: Brewed tea or coffee, hot milk, ice lemon tea

Organic biscotti will include organic flour, nuts, fruits and eggs. However sugars would remain commercially available white and brown sugars. Prices would be adjusted for the increased price of raw materials, and the choice of fruits and nuts are limited to those available in the season.

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