Monday, 2 March 2009

Terima kasih

Tempahan dari pelanggann tetap Bisquisito. En. Nazrul merupakan ahli Biscotti of the Month Club. Ni merupakan shipment pertama untuk beliau. Feedback yang kami terima adalah...
Quote : "I tak tahu whether your other satisfied customers dah try this ke tidak,
yesterday we all makan your latest biscotti consignment in small chunks (we
break the biscotti pieces in half by hand) topped with generous helpings of
vanilla ice-cream. Heavenly !!! My youngest 2-year old son dunks the
biscottis in melted vanilla icecream.. Rasanya super-best, so much more
flavourful compared to dunking in cold milk..... Hari ni I bawak the choc
hazelnut ones for morning breakfast, to dunk with premium coffee or hot
chocolate at the office pantry. Cepat, no hassle and low fat breakfast.
Perfect for my hectic mornings. Thanks again for the door-to-door
shipping...." - Nazrul, Klang


aishah said...


macam ayat2 cinta..hihi, akak nak order lagi la hanny..nanti akak email ye

SyaHani said...

yup... dia ni member... penah dok kat NY, so klu dia kata sedap... memang sedap la sbb sana bnyk biscotti made by italians...