Sunday, 20 November 2011

Greetings to all

Dear customers and viewers,
We will back starting 25th September 2011. We ONLY open orders for these flavors:
1. Almond Orange
2. Almond Choc Chips
3. Mocha Hazelnut
4. Hazelnut Choc Chips
5. Wholemeal Marble
6. Cappuccino Almond
7. Pistachio Apricot
8. Pistachio Cinnamon
9. Nutty Vanilla
10. Choc Orange
11. Choc Mint
12. Pecan Butterscotch
13. Macadamia Cranberry

Discovery pack is NOT AVAILABLE at the moment.

Please take note. Do email your orders to Thank you and sorry for the delay.

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