Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Biscotti and Almond Slice

Biscotti (thickness about 1cm - 1.5cm)
Contains nuts (almond, hazelnut, pistachio, macadamia) and dried fruits (apricot, ginger, cherry, cranberry etc)
Baked in loaf (handmade loaf) as in photo above

Almond Slice (thickness about 3mm or less)
Contain nuts only usually almond and pistachio
Baked in loaf tin

Kami ingin menunjukkan perbezaan antara kedua item ini: Biscotti dan Almond Slice (Biscotti Slice) kerana ianya sering menjadi kekeliruan kepada pelanggan kami. Perbezaan ini amat ketara dari segi rupa, rasa dan juga akan mempengaruhi harga. Harap penjelasan ini akan membantu.

We would like to show the differences between these two items: Biscotti and Almond Slice (Biscotti Slice) because it caused confusion to our customers. The diferences are clear in term of shape, taste and look also it affect the prices too. Therefore, we hope this will help others.

*Notes: the photos are taken from various websites in order to show the differences. Please take note.

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